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Canada’s new pot regime is working out with the enforcement of new rules and the supply chain after the cannabis was legalized in Canada.

Before the law is enforced, key objectives were listed by the Canada federal government. This includes, prevent children and youth to involve with weed, ensure the weed product is safe and quality in the supply chain, across the country.

So the question is, will the objectives meet after the legalization? CTVNews will investigate and measure some of the promises made by the Canada Government.

Objective Number 1: “Keep cannabis away from children”

Adults with age of 18 or older can purchase the weed legally as per Cannabis Act in Canada. The amount of weed that can be purchased and possessed is small. Each and every provinces and territories in Canada can impose their own age limitation. However, the lowest age that can purchase weed legally must be at least 18 year old.

With the age restriction enforced by the law, it does not mean that those children or under aged teens and kids will not get their hand away from weed and cannabis. However, it does help to legally reduce the cannabis and weed consumption among them.

Objective Number 2: “Reduce number of Canadians with criminal records.”

Cannabis Act is also helped in reducing the Canadian justice system’s burden. This is due to the fact that the Act will eliminate the criminal charges. There is a question for this, what about the people who convicted the crime and was being charged before 17 October 2018?

Canada federal government announced that pardons will be issued to people who possessed 30 grams or less of cannabis and weed in November 2018. This is fair to those who convicted the crime before 17 October 2018 but that did not happen. People who convicted crime before 17 October 2018 will still need to wait until the law is in effect, then they are only eligible to apply for it.

This has brought criticize to the liberal government for not able to opting the criminal records. Thus, Canada government failed to achieve objective number 2.

Objective Number 3: “Safe supply of cannabis”

Cannabis has to be supplied by licensed supplier to ensure the safety and quality of the product. Law has been enforced by the Canada federal government to keep this objective meet.

Incident about receiving mouldy cannabis have been reported by some of the Canadians.

Reports of mould being sold in British Columbia and Ontaria were reported by RedeCan, one of the cannabis and weed manufacturer.

This means that the objectives for legalizing marijuana and weed is not achieved.

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  1. Dr. Sanford Wilkinson
    November 7, 2018 at 1:08 pm

    I agreed that the objectives are not met. But the point is, weed and marijuana consumer is able to obtain quality and safe weed after the enforcement of this law. Parents are responsible to take care of their children and to prevent them from taking the weed. Even if they insist, small amount of weed should be given to cure their curiosity. With maximum of guidance, i am sure that children will be kept away from weed and this will makes the objective achievable.

    I am glad that the legalization of weed was already enforced. This is a good news for weed consumer and this is also proving that Canada is getting and getting more civilize.

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