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Every year there are always have some rising star in the world or strain. In 2018, we have seen gods green crack, pink panther, ice wreck and black diamond kush were among the fastest growing in the popularity. In the start of 2019, which strains are stood out of the crowd?

We completed the survey over 2000 cannabis lovers. Each of them chose the top 10 over 250 types of strain based on their experience.

And now we have the result, here is the Top 10 Strain of 2019.

#10. Grape God Strain

The smell of Grape God Strain in the jar, the inhale, the exhale and the high: Grape. This is a delicious smoke! Buds are medium dense and covered.


THC Snow is extraordinary cannabis. The good taste and incredible levels of THC will impress connoisseurs and experienced smokers.

#8. Purple Space Cookies

Purple Space Cookies experience with cannabis strains is light and enjoyable, with great energy to make you friendly and sociable. This is the effect provided by the first shot of the strain. The second shot feels a little different. It is heavier and offers the feel of couch-locking.

#7. Death Bubba Strain

Death Bubba Strain, this powerful variety of Indica rice relieves muscle tension and pain while reducing minor physical discomfort. When the effect begins to fade, Death Bubba drags everyone into a depth that lasts for hours and calms sleep. Death Bubba is an effective tool for treating various diseases such as chronic pain, muscle tension, insomnia, loss of appetite and anxiety.

#6.  Chocolate Kush

Chocolate Kush produces dense heads that exude a strong cocoa flavour with a hint of vanilla. Since Chocolate Kush is primarily a body variety, it is often used to treat chronic pain, nausea, inflammation, anxiety, insomnia, and loss of appetite.

#5. Blue God Strain

Blue God Strain‘s high is mostly physical, with a quiet body snoring, drowsiness and locking effect of the couch. But there are also limited cerebral features, including the excitement of mental activity. Grapes and Kush are the main elements of the taste and smell of this spicy variety, while the nugs are dark, purple and sticky.

#4. Pink Bubba

The Pink Bubba, best serve in the evening, offers a melting body to relax and explode with a dreamy euphoria. It is not usually as wanted as some of his Kush cousins. It’s still a favourite of many medical users.

#3. Black Diamond Strain

Black Diamond Strain is recommended for night smog in patients with insomnia due to its high sedative level. This can be used to relieve pain, muscle cramps, nausea and anxiety. In addition, Black Diamond often causes users to be hungry, therefore, be used by unappetizing people.

#2. God’s Green Crack

God’s Green Crack gives the consumer a higher level of concentration energy, while the type of squat allows the body and mind to remain relaxed. Gods Green Crack is often used to treat chronic fatigue, ADHD, nausea, depression, migraines and appetite loss.

And here comes the

#No. 1 Nuken Strain

Nuken Strain offers a durable and incredibly relaxing body.  Nuken has been used to treat diseases such as chronic pain and inflammation, as well as mild cases of depression, anxiety or chronic stress. These effects are accompanied by deep introspection and may give some novice users the impression of having a little space. These are the reason why Nuken Strain has been chosen as the No. 1.

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