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There were several arguments about the efficacy of marijuana as a medication; some argued it has more prospects of being abused than to be used as a medication. However, 92% of the patients on prescribed marijuana agree that it is an effective medication. A general fact to note is the over 90% of the patients indicated severe pain as the main reason for requiring a prescription. This severe pain is mostly as a result of a form of a debilitating condition. Prescription medical marijuana is only recommended when qualifying patients are diagnosed with a debilitating condition.  According to the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act; to be eligible for a medical cannabis registry identification card in Illinois, a patient must be diagnosed with one or more of a number debilitating conditions. These conditions include cancer, HIV/AIDS, seizures, spinal cord diseases, lupus, Post-traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) and others.

This article highlights the reasons why medical marijuana is becoming increasingly popular.

1. Legal Reasons

The leading reason for the increasing popularity of medical marijuana is a result of the process of change of legal status across states in the US. Presently, Medical use of marijuana is legal in 33 states across the United States; it has not always been this way. This does not just lead to an increase in awareness for medicinal purposes but generally. Studies indicate that about 45% of adults in the United States have used marijuana at least once in their lives. There is speculation that legalizing marijuana in some states caused an increased interest on the uses of marijuana generally.

2.    Health Risk

People concerned that marijuana posed a health risk no longer worried. This view of marijuana as a safe, natural herb packed with medicinal properties is increasing its popularity generally. This is evident in the case of Colorado, an early state in legalizing medical marijuana uses; it shows an increased interest and use of marijuana generally among adults. Nobody can say for sure if legalizing medical marijuana is more politically motivated then medically motivated. What is clear is the fact that patients say it is an effective drug. Recently CBD products made from marijuana is legal across the US. A reliable product is the CBD oil effective against stress, fatigue, and sleep distress.

3.    Addiction Myths

More recently, a notable percentage of the population reported to have used marijuana at least once in their lives for recreational purposes. Other reasons include social and medical pain. People speculate that marijuana addiction does not exist; some believe addiction to THC might not be as destructive or as fast as cocaine and other hard drugs. This notion increases the probability of people ‘trying out’ marijuana safely without the fear of addiction when discontinued early.

4.    Medical Reasons

The world is faced with increasing population challenges. It turns out the number of people is not the only number increasing. There is a general increase in the occurrences of debilitating diseases across the globe. The global increase in chronic diseases contributes to the rising popularity of medical marijuana. It is a simple math problem; more patients mean more prescription of medical marijuana. This is a complicated medical problem that requires efforts to reduce the number of disease cases across the globe.

5. General Tolerance Level

In 2000 about 31% of people supported Marijuana legalization, by 2018 there was a record of 61% support.

The numbers indicate increase as a result of general tolerance of marijuana. Before the year 2000, the level of tolerance of marijuana was lower. This improved tolerance level helps to make marijuana more popular. The numbers dropped when it came to the use marijuana for recreation.

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