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(CBC)The legalization of marijuana may one day be a good thing for small businesses, but at present, Aldrich’s cannabis retailer Grant Guenther, legal weeds may be the biggest financial bankruptcy of all.

Guenther opened the Strain Lane marijuana retailer in Airdrie with a lease. The only problem is that he can not touch any marijuana – and he pays rent every month, whether he opens the door or not (he has not done so yet).

Due to the shortage of cannabis, AGLC suspended the issuance of new licenses a few months ago.

“My wife and I have invested in everything we have in this cannabis shop,” Guenther said in an interview with Calgary Eyeopener on Monday, “but still nothing,” he said. “There is no product in the store.”

The tragic economic situation of Guenther is an example of an early entry into a new business sector, where ground rules are a permanent job.

“You have an application process and started applying in March [2018],” he said. “And part of the application process means that you have to rent or rent an offer, and most of the land use regulations and new features have not been written yet.”

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After taking the lease, Guenther waited (and paid rent) until September to find out if the rented premises would be classified by the municipality to allow him to sell marijuana retail.

In other words, the only way to get started early in the legal weeds is to do a play – and say a prayer.

Shallow end

“What many companies do is they invest a lot of deposits and say they need $ 20 or $ 30,000 in deposits, and if they do not get approval, they can leave their lease.”

“In our case, we do not have that kind of money, so we decided to sneak into the lowlands to see if we will succeed,” he added.

Now, Guenther and his wife find themselves trapped in a vice, a lease on their shoulders and can then have the uncertainty of marijuana.

(On the AGLC website, answer the question “Do you have enough marijuana to supply Alberta’s retail market?”, According to “Frequently Asked Questions.” The answer is “AGLC ensures product safety”. for the province of Alberta. ”

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