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Indica VS Sativa

Medicinal marijuana is used widely due to its beneficial in aiding various physical and mental conditions. Each and every strains will bring different experience to individual such as happiness, stress relieve and much more. There are two main types of cannabis, which are Sativa and Indica. However, most of the cannabis user do not know the differences between Indica vs Sativa cannabis such as the characteristics of Sativa and Indica, the originated of the strains, the method to distinguish Sativa and Indica based on the physical appearance and smell, the types of effects that Sativa and Indica will bring to cannabis consumer and also the medical conditions that Sativa and Indica can be used to treat. Sativa and Indica are not the same with each other in every aspect such as Body high vs head high, energy vs relaxation, high CBD level vs low CBD concentration, haze vs kush and many more! When it comes in choosing between Sativa and Indica, it is important for cannabis user to understand the feature of it. For cannabis user who seeks for the combination of effect from Sativa and Indica, they may look for Hybrid. In the next paragraph, feature for Sativa and Indica will be discussed briefly.

Overview Of Indica And Sativa

Sativa strains can be found commonly in places with warm climates such as Mexico, Thailand, and Jamaica. Meanwhile for Indica strains, it can be found in Indian subcontinent and central Asia. When looking at a cannabis plant, there are some clear ways to determine whether you are looking at an Indica or Sativa strain.Physical traits of Indica vs Sativa include:

– Short– Tall
– Bushy– Thin
– Wide leaves– Narrow leaves
– Darker in color– Paler green in color
– Often have a purple hue– Often have an orange or a red hue
– Firm and densely packed buds– Loosely packed buds, long wispy hairs
– Grows more rapidly– Grow more slowly
– Higher yield (than Sativas)– Lower yield (than Indicas)
– Require less light to grow, ideal for indoors– Require more light to grow
– Higher level of CBD– Lower level of CBD
– Lower count of THC– Higher count of THC

Various medicinal benefits can be offered by these two strains when taken for certain conditions. Common medicinal benefits of Indica vs Sativa include:

– Muscle relaxation– Mood regulation
– Mental relaxation– Anti-depressant properties
– Decreased nausea– Decreased chronic pain
– Decreased acute pain– Increased creativity
– Increased dopamine– Increased focus
– Increased appetite– Increased serotonin

Indica Vs Sativa Strain Names

If you are looking for uplifting and euphoric effect on the body, sativa is the best choice for it. However, it is recommended to consume it during day time. Meanwhile for indica, it is famous for its sedative effect. As a result, it is better to consume during night time. For cannabis user who is looking to have a heightened senses and be more alertness, you can also consider to consume sativa. For cannabis user who is looking to achieve a sense of relaxation and rest, you can consider to consume indica. Indica has higher level of CBD and thus it is able to create high in both legs and body. On the other hand, sativa has lower level of CBD if compared to indica and thus it is able to create head high. Cannabis consumer can also consider hybrid if they are looking for the combination of both legs and body high and head high.

Indica Or Sativa For Anxiety

Indica and sativa is well known for its great ability to treat anxiety. Studies show that it is much effective than the traditional medication. Indica is much more effective in curing anxiety if compared to sative due to the ability of indica to have heighten sense and both legs and body high. Moreover, indica has high level of CBD as well. Sativa is suitable for user who has mild anxiety. This is to prevent the patient from over relying on the medicine to control anxiety. Cannabis concentrates is a heavier dosage of indica with higher level of CBD. Thus, it is suitable for patient with greater anxiety. It works very quick in addressing the anxiety by giving immediate relief and a peace of mind state.

Growing Cannabis and Buying Weed Online

Understanding the differences between growing indica and sativa strains is essential if you are thinking to cultivate your own cannabis strain. Besides, you can also get to know the DO’s and DONT’s when growing indica and sativa to ensure that the quality of the cannabis strain’s yield. When you are comparing for yield rate, indica has higher yield rate if compared to sativa. The time taken to harvest the strain is also higher for indica. It takes an average of 8 weeks to start flowering an indica strain and it takes an average of 14 weeks to start flowering an sativa strain. One of the biggest reason is because sativa strain requires sunlight in order to grow. As a result, it takes longer time to grow than an indica strain.

If you have space concern, than you wouldn’t want to consider to grow a sativa. This is because sativa strains can grow much taller than an indica. Indica can be planted in both indoor and outdoor while sativa can only be planted in outdoor only. On the other hand, hybrid strains have the benefit of both indica and sativa strain which it is fast in growing, high yield rate and a much taller strain.

In conclusion, growing a cannabis strain requires time, patient and effort. That’s where All4Weed comes in. We are expert in cultivating the cannabis strain so that customer can get the weed easily and quickly. All4Weed sells variety of weed product such as Indica, Sativa or Hybrid in bud form, concentrate, tincture and many more. All4Weed provides top quality of cannabis product at the best value and quality. Check out our cannabis store now!

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