Blue Cheese (AAAAA)


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Indica Dominant Hybrid –80% Indica / 20% Sativa

This indica-dominant hybrid (80:20 indica/sativa) packs a potent punch of THC – with level reaching upwards of 20%. Blue Cheese possesses a distinct aroma that resembles a mix of blue cheese and succulent blueberries. This genetic variation is a result of breeding the original Cheese strain (first bred in the United Kingdom) with Blueberry. Users will experience a pleasant mix of joyous euphoria, coupled with an overall deep body relaxation. The indica-dominant effects are felt predominantly, while the euphoric sativa properties aid in the liveliness produced by this strain.  It’s indica-dominant properties make it the perfect strain for anyone looking to treat anxiety, depression, body pain as well as migraines. Blue Cheese is a uniquely flavoured strain that is sure to aid in the body’s overall relaxation in each user.


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