Blueberry Nuken Shatter – Top Shelf


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Indica Dominant Hybrid – 80% Indica / 20% Sativa

Blueberry Kush is one of the most medicinal strains on the market. This strain harbours an earthy flavour and aroma, with notes of fresh berries and herbs upon exhaling. The effects of Blueberry Kush set in slowly – beginning with a deeply relaxing total body sensation, that begins to melt away body aches and pains. Blueberry Kush is an effective strain to treat conditions such as anxiety, depression, headaches (including migraines), chronic pain and nausea. Blueberry Kush provides the user with a deeply relaxing overall body high, coupled with euphoric and cerebrally stimulating properties. This strain is best enjoyed in the evenings or before bed.


Nuken provides the medicinal benefits of an indica, without causing fatigue or sedation. Nuken provides a long-lasting and incredibly relaxing body high, that still allows the user to accomplish tasks or socialize with friends. As the effects of this strain set in, users will notice a slight warming sensation beginning in the spine, that slowly spreads throughout the body – ridding the user of any pain or muscular discomfort. These effects are accompanied by deep introspection that may leave some novice users feeling somewhat spacey. Nuken has been used to treat conditions such as chronic pain and inflammation, as well as mild cases of depression, anxiety or chronic stress.


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