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Northern Lights is one of the most famous and popular weed. It is a pure indica and flowers, which fostered for its fast flowering, resinous buds and ability to resilience during growth. Northern Lights is also commonly used to create weed hybrids such as Super Silver Haze and Shiva Skunk. Northern Lights is rumoured to first sprouted in a field which is near to Washington and Seattle, but was propagated after 1985 at out of Holland, which is now known as Sensi Seeds.

It has spicy aromas smell which is radiated from the crystal-coated buds. The crystal-coated buds is revealed in the hues with purple colour. It also tastes pungently spicy and sweet. Northern Lights is effectively in helping to relax muscles firmly throughout the body and calm the mind. It also helps patients to reduce pain and reduce sleeplessness with comfortable laziness sensation. Northern lights is also good to relieve stress and depression.

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