Purple Dragon (AAAAA)


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Hybrid – 30% Sativa /60% Indica

Purple Dragon is an indica dominant hybrid and a cross between the powerful Purple Urkle and Blue Dragon. Purple Dragon provides users with a balanced high that calms and relaxes both the mind and the body. This strain produces a uniquely satisfying aroma, that combines musky sage with a distinctly floral taste that lingers on the palette. After enjoying this strain, the mind energizes and a strong euphoria quickly disintegrates anxiety and depression. Purple Dragon initially provides users with a mental clarity that’s uplifting and stimulating; however, these effects slowly give way to hours of pain relief and sedation. General body aches and pains will wash away as the users body slowly eases into a state of relaxation that is felt in both the body and the mind. Purple Dragon is an effective tool to treat various conditions including anxiety, depression, mood disorders, physical fatigue, migraines / headaches, chronic pain and lack of appetite.  


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