The shipping of GetWhitePalm takes longer to process and transport, but the quality of
the weed is tremendous. A little expensive but worth it.Welcome to WhitePalm! Canada’s
farmers market for premium cannabis. Getwhitepalm rethinking pot from the ground up
because the lazy stoner stereotype never made any sense to us! WhitePalm opened
it’s doors in early 2016 meaning that we have been in operation for 16 months.

Getwhitepalm currently have 5,323 active members (as of April 19, 2017) and deal with
10 local growers from British Columbia, Vancouver. You could argue that our flowers
are the best in North America. Put our reputation to the test.

How-to Sign Up:
– Head on over to GetWhitePalm and start off by inputing your
First Name, Email Address, and Card (you can put “nothing” if you don’t have a card).
– Once you complete Step 1 please check your email inbox or junk mail folder for the
Step 2 email(all of our communication is housed on our own private servers meaning
the security of your personal data is always at the forefront of importance).
– Once you complete Step 2, Dean will approve you within 24-hours.

– It’s just like normal online shopping. Browse our very descriptive and
detailed product pages, add product to your cart once you know what you’d
like (feel free to chat with us on Live Chat for product recommendations),
and complete your purchase by following the Interac eTransfer instructions.

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