Article: What is sativa, indica and hybrid? What about cannabis and strain?

This is interesting. Many people would be confused by the term such as sativa, indica, hybrid, cannabis and strain due to the usage of different term in different website. The fact is, cannabis are kush and ganja; while, sativa, indica and hybrid are the type of kush and ganja. They are also known as strain.

Paul M. Chen

article: kush and ganja will bring addiction?

I am seriously curious. How would kush and ganja bring addiction to consumer? This is not true. I am a sativa, indica and hybrid consumer for more than 10 years. I am still healthy for now! Without ganja, kush, hybrid, sativa, indica, cannabis and strain, i doubt that i am still here!

Victor P. Watkins

Article: ways to consume ganja and kush

This article is good to review the method to consume ganja and kush. What about sativa, hybrid, indica, cannabis and strain? Are they having the same method to consume? Can anybody teach me the method to consume sativa, hybrid, indica, cannabis and strain?

Tommy J. Benoit

Article: kush and ganja

This article is good. However, cannabis and strain are forgotten to be included. Cannabis and strain is also important. Also, they are able to produce sativa, indica and hybrid depending on the content used.

Robert P. Church

article: nice article about kush, ganja, strain and cannabis

This article is good to obtain the knowledge about kush, ganja, strain and cannabis. I used to thought that cannabis and strain are the same. In fact, they are not! Cannabis, strain, kush and ganja are different but they are from cannabis plant.

Thomas D. Ganja

Article: Cannabis and Cannabis Strain

This article helps to clarify the meaning of cannabis and cannabis strain. I like sativa and hybrid types of cannabis strain. The best cannabis strain.

Robert C. Andrade

Article about kush, ganja, sativa, hybrid and indica.

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Lester B. Hardin

types of kush and ganja - sativa, hybrid, indica

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